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Structural Insulated Panel Project Cost Calculator

Use the SIP Panel Cost Calculator to estimate your project cost. Included in the result are estimates for the SIP Panel Equipment and Materials as well as labor and shipping costs with a comparison to buying and shipping finished SIP Panels. 

IMPORTANT: This structural insulated panel cost calculator is NOT intended for individuals looking to build a personal home.  The cost estimates presented in the results will be skewed.  Please use this calculator only if you have a need to know the equipment, materials, labor, and shipping costs for projects having multiple structures.


A reasonable project budget is required to process your project. A budget will serve as a reference point for us to validate our estimates to you.

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It is important to enter the number of structures you will build over a given time frame. This allows us to predict the amount of equipment needed to produce the number of panels to reach your goal.

Be sure to complete the production questions below.

In the United States, the average year contains 260 to 280 working days and the month contains 20 working days. 

Select the skin size and skin type you want for your project. It is common that the inside skin is thinner than the outside skin. If building multi-story structures it is best to use the thicker panels on both the inside and the outside.

Several factors govern the thickness of the core of a SIP Panel.  One factor is R-Value which is roughly 6.5 per inch for polyurethane foam.  A second factor is the thickness of the available and customary building materials.

For example: if you were to fit a 2 X 4 between the panels as a support, then you would want the inside thickness of the panel (core thickness) to be at least the same size.  So, using a 2 X 4 as our example, the core would be 3.5 inches thick to match the thickness of the 2 x 4.

You will find a detailed list of US lumber dimension (nominal versus actual) here.

Material Estimates (calculated)



Foam is bought and sold by the pound.  It is dispensed in pounds and dispensing machinery rates are rated in pounds. 

Production Paramaters

As mentioned above, in the United States, the average year contains 260 to 280 working days and the month contains 20 working days.

To estimate the number of machines and the number of days needed to produce the SIP panels for your project please also specify the number of shifts you will run and the number of working hours available per shift.

In the United States, a typical worker works 6.5 hours per day. Although a shift is 8 hours, non-working time needs to be subtracted from the total hours leaving 6.5 hours for actual work.

According to your inputs, our calculations predict that you will need to produce panels to construct , each measuring .

This translates to making in days or every day.

To make this happen you will require Pod's. A pod is a work cell/unit containing 3 PBS 3000's with 1 Power Stacks

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In order to receive the estimate, including pricing, you must provide the following information. Once you submit the form, we will immediately email you the results.

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