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SIP Panel Manufacturing Equipment

We're the only company to provide high quality structural insulated panel equipment to build SIP's on the job site.

SIP Panel machines are scalable to fit your project requirements.  The smallest "POD" contains one SIP Panel mold/press and one Power Stack.  The power Stack contains the control systems (electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic) to manage the filling of the mold/press with foam.  The mold/press contains the devices needed to develop the geometry of the finished SIP Panels. It has devices to hold the panels in place and to maintain the gap which is filled with foam. 


Moves from location to location providing continuous utilization.


This system is very easy to use and almost anyone can produce SIP's.

Cost Effective

Thousands of dollars in savings from shipping alone (see pricing)

4 SIP Panels per hour

26 Panels per shift


Build a new house every day.


On it differed repeated wandered required in.


At ourselves direction believing do he departure.

Build Fast, 
Build to Last

SIP Panels deliver superior performance compared to other traditional building methods.

Welcome to IADDIC

In operation since 2005, we continue to innovate and bring lasting solutions to a market clamoring for cost saving approaches to construction and consumer driven sustainability.

Our Equipment, Tools, and Materials are  used on or near the construction site to build housing, places of worship, commercial buildings, disaster relied shelters and much more.
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